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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Conversion is not the same thing as Lead Generation. Though you can use to generate leads, the beautify of this system is that it helps you convert your rental leads into money by using substantial process automation.
With, you have access to tens of thousands of landlords in our database. You don’t have to rely on the MLS and Listing Agent postings to find a landlord. You can deal directly with the landlord and in doing so you can avoid a commission split with another agent. Agents still might have to split commission with their brokerage or team, and depends on each individual Agent’s employment/contractor agreement.
Yes! We created this technology with busy Agents in mind. Rental transactions are a lot of work and usually not that much money as compared to Sales transactions. Some busy Agents have to service rental transactions for their Investor clients in order to keep a good relationship with those investors. This process help a Sales Agent reduce the amount of time they spend on servicing Rental transactions by automating many of the repetitive and mindless tasks involved in the Rental Process. This way, Agents can focus their time where it counts, closing the rental transaction and paying attention to their Sales business without neglecting Rental needs.
No! We know there is a lot of technology boasting about how they can REPLACE Agents… we believe those tech companies make those claims and choose that direction because it’s just too difficult and costly for them to make a qualify comprehensive process that creates a win-win-win for renters, agents, and landlords. Research points to the growing trend, that while consumers start out looking at online automated services, more than 85% of those consumers end up using a real estate agent to close a transaction. We’re creating a process that understands the market and needs of Consumers and Agents, and by creating useful technology, we facilitate the process for everyone involved.

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