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Customer Process

Automate your customer process!
We've made managing your customer process simple from start to finish.

Team Manager

Save time by effectively managing your team.
Our dashboard and statistics tools will allow you to easily manage individual team member production.

Landlord Database

Our premium database manager allows you to effortlessly create, find and review your
landlord records.

Virtual Receptionist

If your receptionist calls in sick, just turn your virtual receptionist. Manage after hours calls, filter calls and so many other features designed not help you save and make money!

Awesome Support

Let our team take care of your team.
We're here to help you succeed!

Creative Idea

We're always looking for ways to improve.
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About ModernAgent24

We understand that in this era of information, we have to accomplish even more with less and less time. Industry is ever more competitive and we need a system that helps the Modern Agent manage their business 24 hours a day. That's why we created ModernAgent24.com

Created by Realtors for Realtors, these tools have been field tested. Thousands of man hours have been invested to use test and retool these modules to help you grow and gain a competitive edge. Automate your customer process, manage your teams, take control of your landlord data and simplify your life with our Personal Virtual Assistant.

Harness your potential with these fantastic tools. These amazing features will help you operate your business on par with the titans of industry for a fraction of the cost. Leverage our technology and find out how this full-service agent platform will help each person using the ModernAgent24 toolset to do the tasks of 4 people!

Improvement in Productivity


More free time to grow your business


Reduction in Operating Cost


Recapture of Lost Revenues


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