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Agents, free up your day with our fun, fast, easy rental solutions


Get control of your business,

your team, your dream, with one unified solution.

Our patent-pending, first of it's kind, Lead Conversion System (LCS) substantially automates the rental process to unify your business and free up your day.


"Gives me peace of mind"
Joes Estrada, Renter & Happy Customer
"This is going to completely transform the industry"
Veronica Loewy, RE/MAX Broker
" It's a win-win "
Sergio Arlandiz, Landlord in our Network

We're Empowering Agents to Create More Value


Work as much as you want, anywhere you want


 Help more people, get more referrals

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Learn how 1 listing = 5 lease signings



Our Secret Sauce


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Close More Leads in Less Time

We created 100's of time saving features to help you close more leads in less time. Don't settle for Lead Generation, CRM, and Tenant Screening.

ModernAgent24 is the first ever Lead-Conversion System (LCS) that substantially converts Leads to Dollars and we're not stopping there. Enjoy our feature rich, simple to use platform, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible.


We're all tired of Listing Websites


So we're blending

peer-to-peer networks
cloud computing
cutting edge technology
a touch of creativity
and a dash of reinvention

to set a new standard for modern day renting.




Our Story

Click each picture to read our story.


we're shaping the
Future of Real Estate


We help you take control of your business and future by focusing your energy where it counts. 


How It Works

How will you help me?

1. Effortlessly collect an upfront payment, get compensated for your work.
2. Easily build stunning renter profiles that deliver results
3. Expertly negotiate deals to make valuable renter-landlord connections

How much does it cost?

Free for 90 days, then a low monthly fee

Our Academy is taught by our carefully trained experts who have real world experience using this system and process. You'll be enrolled once you sign-up  at

How much can I earn?

Let's say you have 5 qualified applicants for your 1 rental listing. You picked one, but what to do with the other 4 applicants?

With our system 1 listing can equal 5 lease signing with little to no additional effort.


Do all of the work you love, without all of the work you don't.


Focus Only on Core Business Practices


Renter Management (intake/messages)

Sales (negotiate/close)

Team Building


Enjoy Your

Day With Less Drawbacks

No showings

No MLS access necessary

No searching for landlords*

No co-op commission splits*

No listing appointments


Take A Break While We Automate

Inbound calls and conversion tracking

Renter pre-screening

Communications and document tools

Listings Automation

Rental matching to renter criteria

* With our rental process automation, you'll work directly with tens of thousands of Chicagoland landlords


Agents, Investors, Landlords,
together, let's shape the future of Real Estate. 

We're launching our end-to-end cutting edge rental automation to simplify the rental process for interacting with renters.

We're not some silicon valley tech company attempting to influence the real estate industry as outsiders looking in. We're real people with real results, creating real solutions for everyday people.

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